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Tax Day is April 18 and the National Priorities Project has released its annual breakdown on where your tax dollars go. They say 29 percent goes to healthcare, 23 percent goes to the military, and 13 percent pays down interest on the national debt. But what about education? Spokesperson Lindsay Kosharian says that part of the federal budget is relatively tiny.


"And then, when you see that 3 cents of every federal dollar is being spent on education – and that includes everything, from kindergarten up through college – you can easily ask questions about whether the way that we’re using our tax dollars matches what Americans say they want the government to be doing."


President Trump’s proposed budget for discretionary spending includes a big increase for defensea nd he has asked for a $2 billion down-payment on a new border wall, which is expected to cost $25 billion total.


Koshgarian notes the President wants to slash funding in a number of areas.


"For instance he proposed cutting the Department of Education by 14 percent. And he proposed cutting the Department of the Interior, which includes the National Park Service, by 12 percent."


Last year, the entire federal budget was about $4 trillion and it's expected to be similar for next year. Congress will take up President Trump’s proposed budget over the next few months and craft a final budget by the fall.



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