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A new bureau has been developed to centralize all facets of the medical marijuana industry in the state. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs says the bureau will include new statutory requirements for licensing along with maintaining existing oversight responsibilities.


Big Rapids Mayor Mark Warba says they are already looking into how the new laws will affect Big Rapids.


Mr. Gifford and Mrs. Gillis and I had talked about maybe having a retreat to hear from pros and cons as it relates to medical marijuana in light of the recent change to state law.”


Warba says Big Rapids Township has already been approached by two medical marijuana providers and would like to work with the city on how to approach the medical marijuana issue.


Supervisor Stanek also wondered if the City Commission would be interested in a meeting with the Township Board, combine it and use that opportunity to hear from presenters on both sides of the fence.”


They hope to set up a combined meeting for sometime next month. Warba also suggested inviting City Attorney Eric Williams, Public Safety Director Jim Eddinger, County Prosecutor Brian Thiede, Mecosta County Sheriff Todd Purcell, and Ferris University Director of Public Safety Bruce Borkovich to the meeting.


The new state bureau plans to make licensing applications available by December 15.



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