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A 60-year old Lake Isabella man is in police custody on attempted murder charges following an alleged domestic incident with his girlfriend.


The incident happened around 2:30am last Friday, Deputies were called to a home after the 47-year old victim said the suspect, Larry Reeve threatened to kill her several times throughout this incident.


She said they started fighting while lying in bed and Reeve would not let her use her phone.


The victim said she was thrown around the bedroom by Reeve. Reeve then took his belt and wrapped it around the victim’s neck and dragged her around the house, as told by the victim. She said she could not breathe while this happened.


The victim then said Reeve brandished a knife and held it to her throat.


She said Reeve slammed her head into the floor several times. The victim said she was able to get inside the bathroom, but Reeve made his way in the room and held her head underwater in a full bathtub. She told deputies that she had to hold her breath.


Afterward, the victim said she was dragged outside where Reeve put her head on some cement steps and began putting pressure on her neck.


Her phone started ringing and Reeve answered, the victim said. Reeve spoke with the person on the phone and eventually calmed down, the sheriff’s office said.


The victim told Reeve to leave to her home and he did so.


Deputies later located Reeve and arrested him.


He’s been charged with attempted murder.


The victim was taken to a local hospital. Her condition is unknown at this time.


Alcohol is believed to be a factor in this incident.


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