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Officials at the Mecosta County Sheriffs Office announced the arrest of three suspects they believe were involved in the spread of counterfeit money at local businesses.


Detective Casey Nemeth of the Sheriffs Office says three Chicago men ages 27, 24 and 19 were arrested Saturday for passing counterfeit money in the City of Big Rapids and Big Rapids Township.


The three started purchasing items at Jimmy John's and Shell Gas Station, traveled to Bob Evans, Wesco Gas and Dunhams Sports all purchasing and attempting to purchase small items with counterfeit one hundred dollar bills, and receiving the large amount in change.


Several counterfeit $100 bills and over $1500 of real currency were confiscated from the three men and their vehicle.


All three men are were arrested and lodged for the Felony charges at the Mecosta County Jail by Deputies and officers from the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety.

Investigation into recent counterfeit bills being passed in the Big Rapids Area links these subjects to multiple counterfeit money offenses in Western Michigan.  The investigation is ongoing and Detectives from both the Sheriff's Office and Big Rapids DPS are currently working with Agents from U.S. Secret Service.



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