Deputies arrest Middleton man for breaking into the Greenside Tavern

22-year old Middleton man Adam Jones has been arrested and arraigned after Isabella County Sheriff Deputes discovered him breaking into a Broomfield Township bar early Sunday morning. Police say they were alerted by the The Greenside Tavern alarm a little after 4a.m., when they arrived they discovered a broken window and the suspect inside. When deputies gave him verbal commands to come out of the building, he immediately hid behind the bar.  Deputies gave him ample opportunities to comply, but he refused to do so.

Teen arrested for the break-in of Osceola Co. business

A 16-year old was arrested for the break-in of a Hersey business. Michigan State Police say the owners arrived at their business Monday morning and discovered money missing, a check of their security cameras revealed that a suspect had been inside during the night and took the money.  Investigation led to the apprehension of a 16 year old suspect from the Hersey area.  A small amount of the money and other evidence from the burglary was recovered.  He has been lodged at a local youth detention facility and is awaiting Probate court proceedings.

Police arrest man who jumps from two-story window in Mecosta Co.

Police in Mecosta County arrested a man who they say ran from them and then took off in a stolen pick-up truck. Police say they were patrolling the village of Mecosta searching for the suspect when he was spotted walking down a street but then fled into a wooded area. Deputies later received a report of a stolen pick-up. The pick-up was found at an apartment complex in Remus. When police surrounded the apartment the man jumped from a second story window as deputies approached.  Police were able to catch the suspect and take him into custody a short time later.

19-year old arrested for property damage and assaulting a police officer

A 19-year old White Cloud man is in custody after being accused of throwing a couch onto a car causing $1,000 worth in damage and assaulting a police officer. Deputies say it happened in Big Rapids where officers were patrolling the University Park Suites and Oakwood Apartments when they witnessed the 19-year old suspect flipping a couch onto the vehicle. The suspect was soon stopped by Deputies and was found to be highly intoxicated. The White Cloud man then attempted to flee on foot and resisted arrest were a physical altercation occurred.

Rodney man arrested after ramming his car into neighbor's vehicle multiple times

A 43-year old Rodney man was arrested last night after being accused of ramming his vehicle into his neighbor's vehicle in a driveway near the intersection of 17 Mile Rd/90th Ave. Mecosta County Deputies say the Rodney man got into an argument with his neighbor while he was parked in the neighbor's driveway. The suspect got highly agitated and began to ram the neighbor's vehicle with his. One victim who was standing in the driveway between both vehicles had to jump out of the way as the suspect's vehicle began to move forward. Two additional victims occupied the vehicle that was being rammed.

Hersey man arrested after shooting at two men

Mecosta County Sheriff's detectives say a 52-year old Hersey man is in jail on charges of great bodily harm less then murder after an incident at a relatives home Thursday night. Police say the arrest stems from an investigation into a 911 call just after midnight on Thursday, where two males reported that while they were at Roger Lynn's home, Lynn pointed a gun at them and fired a shot barely missing them. Deputies responded to the scene, finding evidence of a gunshot but Lynn fled the home. The 52-year old suspect was later arrested at his home on a warrant.

Pair accused of making meth in Mecosta Co.

Two men in Mecosta County were arraigned on drug charges after being accused of operating a meth lab in Wheatland Township. 29-year old Gary Daniel Moore and 67-year old Ronald Thomas Harvey both of Remus were charged with operating or maintaining a laboratory involving methamphetamine. The pair were arrested over the weekend, they face up to 40-years in jail due to previous drug offenses. Moore and Harvey are being held on $50,000 bond each.

Barryton teen arrested on sexual assault charges

A17-year old Barryton man was arrested on charges connected to a sexual assault of a minor. Mecosta Co. Sheriff Deputies say after being called to Spectrum Health-BR for a CSC complaint, the investigation found that the suspect had sexual relations with a minor.   It had been going on for approximately 3 months in both the Barryton and Canadian Lakes area. The suspect's names is being with held at this time until arraignment

Homeless man arrested on sex crimes involving a minor

State Police in Clare County arrested a homeless man they say sexually assaulted a 14-year old girl. Police say Kim Thomas had been living with a family in Clare County's Freeman Township on and off for the past 10 years. The family demanded he leave when they found out he had been having sex with their daughter. Police found Thomas walking down M-115 and arrested him. After investigating Thomas was charged with a first degree criminal sexual conduct.

Sexual assault suspect caught in Guam; expected to be extradited back

The Mecosta County Sheriff's Office says a sexual assault suspect that fled the country has been arrested in Guam. Detectives say during an investigation it was discovered that 18-year old Big Rapids man sexually assaulted a 15-year old Big Rapids girl in Green Township.  The suspect then fled the continent to the South Pacific to avoid authorities, but Mecosta County sheriff's authorities say the man, who is not being identified, has been arrested by military law enforcement officers and awaits extradition on counts of criminal sexual conduct.


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