Three Michigan universities make list for being most "gay friendly"

Bones found on EMU campus during construction project

Is it a crime scene? Or the human remains from a cemetery? Whatever the case, construction crews working on a new steam line on the Eastern Michigan University campus made an interesting discovery Monday - four or five bones. The bones were found six to seven feet under a concrete driveway near the physical plant building on campus. A cemetery that was relocated during the 19th century used to occupy the land near where the bones were found. The Michigan State University Department of Anthropology, along with the Michigan State Police, are analyzing the bones. (MRN)

EMU students to see slight raise in fall tuition

Eastern Michigan University is raising tuition by 3.65% for the next academic year. The increase means EMU students will pay an additional $306 a year and it is expected to raise about $11 million, the same amount of aid cut by the state. So far, EMU is the only state university to keep its increase at less than six-percent, but several schools have yet to set tuition rates. (MRN)

EMU, CMU, and MSU increase room and board rates

Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, and Michigan State Universities have increased their room and board rates. The MSU board of trustees today approved a nearly 5% increase in room and board for the 2011-12 school year. Yesterday, the EMU Board of Regents approved a 2.1% increase to its overall room and board rates for next year. Central Michigan University increased its room and board by 1.48%. According to officials with the universities, the bulk of the increase is going to cover escalating food costs and utility increases. (MRN)

EMU students accused of stealing personal information may have filed false tax returns

The former Eastern Michigan University students who are accused of stealing the personal information of 58 people may have filed false tax returns. School officials say they are still not sure how the information that was stolen was used. However, six people have contacted the university saying the IRS rejected their tax returns because their social security number was used on another filing. The identity of the suspects or where they worked at EMU has not been released. (MRN)

Students personal information compromised at EMU

EMU has first in country program

One, and only one. Eastern Michigan University will offer the first graduate level certificate program in the country that specializes in the study of dementia. The Ypsilanti school says the program is a response to the fast increase in the number of people who are 85 and older and predictions the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease will continue to rise. The certificate is geared to professionals in hospitals, home health care, research centers, veterans’ services, business settings and substance abuse centers who deal with individuals who have dementia.

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