Flint named most violent city in nation

The city of Flint tops the FBI's most violent city in the nation list for 2010. FBI statistics show that Flint had 22-violent crimes per 1,000 residents, with 2,400 violent crimes including 92 rapes, 670 robberies and just under 1,600 aggravated assaults. Detroit ranked second on the list, followed by St. Louis, New Haven, Connecticut and Memphis. The stats also showed that nationwide there were an estimated 1.2 million violent crimes and approximately nine-million property crimes. (MRN)

FBI investigating threat that caused shutdown of Northern Michigan University

The FBI is now heading up the investigation of an online threat that forced the closure of Northern Michigan University on Wednesday. The Marquette campus of roughly 9,000 students was shut down for the day after an out-of-state tipster called the university and alerted officials of an anonymous message posted on a blog site. Buildings were evacuated and residence halls were put on lockdown around 8AM yesterday. Officials say the feds have taken over the investigation because the threat was similar to ones received by several other universities around the country.

Police, FBI still looking for missing Morenci boys

Several police agencies, including the FBI, are searching for three Morenci boys who authorities believe are in extreme danger. The father of the nine, seven and five-year-old boys, John Skelton, told police he was contemplating suicide Friday and left his sons with a woman he met years ago. However, authorities have not been able to find the acquaintance. On his Facebook page, Skelton posted a message Wednesday indicating he hoped god and his soon-to-be ex-wife would forgive him. However, the message didn't say for what. The boys were last seen in their father's backyard Thursday.

Liquor license refused

One bar, one liquor license and one FBI investigation in Lake County. A Wayne County commissioner who runs a bar in Idlewild is attempting to have a liquor license transferred to the Red Rooster Bar. However, because Jewel Ware is being investigated by the FBI for putting two Wayne County employees in no-work jobs, Lake County law enforcement isn’t on board. Ware’s attorney told liquor control officials his client has never been cited for violations related to the Rooster Bar. The LCC is expected to rule in the next 30 to 45 days.

Militia group may have FBI informant

A militia group accused of plotting to attack police officers may have been infiltrated by an undercover FBI agent. Court documents also suggest a cooperating witness within the group may have helped uncover the plot, according to the 'Detroit Free Press.' as eight members of the Hutaree group had not guilty pleas entered on their behalf Wednesday, one member said she was upset because of a law believed to have been signed by President Obama that would help members of the terrorist group Hamas settle in the United States. That purported bill was an untrue internet rumor.

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