Obama wins 2012 Presidential election

President Barack Obama will get a second term. After a long, bitter and expensive campaign, Obama has won re-election by securing more than 300 electoral votes, defeating Republican Mitt Romney, a former Governor of Massachusetts. Obama also won the state of Michigan, despite the fact that Romney was born in Michigan and spent his school days in the Great Lake state. However, the President's path to victory was secured by winning key battleground states including Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Nevada.

Romney loses in Mecosta Co. but wins Michigan

Mitt Romney wins. Romney last night, came out ahead of Rick Santorum, who had surged in recent weeks. Santorum had a slight advantage in several polls in Michigan leading up to Michigan’s GOP Primary Election, however, weekend polls showed that Romney had closed the gap and in the end was the victor.. In case you were interested, Rick Santorum was the voter favorite in a tight race in Mecosta County last night with 1,752 votes compared to mitt Romney 1,724 votes of support, Ron Paul came in third place with only 394 votes.

Snyder to endorse Romney for President

Governor Rick Snyder will appear with republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney today in Farmington Hills. The two will attend a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, where MIRS News Service reports a "major announcement" is planned at the event. It's widely believed that Snyder will make an endorsement.(MRN)

Republican front runner leading Obama in Michigan

A new statewide poll indicates the current republican frontrunner for President is leading president Barack Obama in Michigan. In a head to head matchup, a sample of 600 likely voters statewide shows Michigan native Mitt Romney leading Obama 46-to-41 percent.  While Obama had the support of independent voters three years ago, those voters now favor Romney in Michigan.  According to the poll, Obama would beat republican candidates Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain in Michigan.  The survey was conducted by Lansing-based Epic MRA. (MRN)

Oakland U. hosts Presidential debate; Perry has a brain freeze

Eight republican presidential hopefuls squared of in a debate last night on the campus of Oakland University. The debate moderated and televised by CNBC focused primarily on economic issues, however the topic veered, inevitably, to sexual harassment charges against former CEO of Godfather's Pizza Herman Cain. When asked if such allegations called his leadership ability into question, Cain responded (quote) "The American people deserve better than someone being tried in the court of public opinion, based on unfounded accusations." 

Mitt Romney still leads with Michigan GOP voters

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is still the top choice for the Republican Presidential nomination among Michigan voters, however, our second choice has changed. The survey by Practical Political Consultants (ppc) found that 37% of poll respondents favored Romney, that's down from 43% two months ago. Former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, Herman Cain has climbed to 2nd place with 25% support. That spot two months ago was held by Texas Governor Rick Perry whose numbers since have fallen to five-percent, down from 38% in August. Newt Gingrich had 13% support and Ron Paul had 10%. (MRN)

Romney wins straw poll during Mackinac GOP leadership Conference

Former Massachusetts Governor and Michigan native Mitt Romney won a straw poll for the republican presidential nomination at The GOP Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island Saturday. Romney received 51% of the vote, outdistancing Texas Governor Rick Perry, who was second with 17%. (MRN)

Romney & Hoekstra lead with GOP voters if elections held today

Perry inching closer to Romney in poll of Michigan voters

Romney still front-runner in Michigan among Republican presidential candidates


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