Marion man charged with domestic violence & felonious assault

An Osceola County man accused of barricading himself at a home in Marion Sunday has been officially charged. 28-year old Matthew Thomas Patterson  is charged with felon in possession of a firearm, felonious assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic violence. Deputies say Patterson barricaded himself after they arrived to investigate a domestic assault complaint, he exited the residence a short time later where he was then taken into custody without incident. His bond is set at $75,000.

Police arrest suspect after brief standoff in Osceola Co.

A man sits in Osceola County jail after a brief standoff with police Sunday morning. Deputies say the suspect barricaded himself inside a home in Marion when police were called on a domestic assault complaint. The suspect came out of the home a short time after negotiations and was taken into custody. The suspect is expected to face felony charges when arraigned in Osceola Co. District Court.

City of Evart issues "Run Water Advisory"

The City of Evart has issued a "Run Water Advisory" for its residents. Officials say for residents to run a thin stream of water at night to keep water moving and to prevent pipes from bursting. Evart will not adjust water bills at this time.


An Osceola County Judge is declaring a mistrial in the case of Francis Brent Mallo. The former Evart resident was charged last year with three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly assaulting a young girl who babysat Mallo's children. The judge's ruling came as a result of a split jury.

Teen arrested for the break-in of Osceola Co. business

A 16-year old was arrested for the break-in of a Hersey business. Michigan State Police say the owners arrived at their business Monday morning and discovered money missing, a check of their security cameras revealed that a suspect had been inside during the night and took the money.  Investigation led to the apprehension of a 16 year old suspect from the Hersey area.  A small amount of the money and other evidence from the burglary was recovered.  He has been lodged at a local youth detention facility and is awaiting Probate court proceedings.

Reed City man accused of sex crimes

An Osceola County man is being held on one-million dollars bond after being arrested on charges of sex crimes against a minor. 24-year old Christopher Randall of Reed City has been charged with four counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct against a female victim under the age of 13. According police, the alleged assaults dated back to Sept. 1 of this year in Osceola County’s Lincoln Township.

Police await autopsy results in connection to father/daughter deaths

Michigan State Police say they will wait for autopsy results before saying anything more about the deaths of a man and his daughter, whose bodies were found 80 miles apart. Fifty-nine-year-old Gary Volkers was found dead a few feet from his car Sunday afternoon in Osceola County's Leroy Township, north of Big Rapids. State Police won't say how he died. But it was the discovery of his body that led police to his condo in Holland Township where they found the body of his 31-year-old daughter, Stacey Grotenhuis.

Osceola Co. home destroyed by fire

An Osceola County home was destroyed by a fire Tuesday afternoon. It happened at a small home on Riverview Drive in Hersey Township. Investigators say the home was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived to the scene. No one was at the residence at the time of the fire. The home is a total loss. Investigators say the exact cause of the blaze is not known yet.

Police investigating Osceola Co. break-in

Police up in Osceola County are investigating a home invasion at a residence in Lincoln Township. Deputies say it happened early Tuesday morning where the homeowner arrived came home and found a taller white man in the enclosed porch area of the home. The man fled the residence and got into the passenger seat of a green Pontiac Grand Am, which was parked a short distance from the scene. The vehicle fled east. The car was described as having a “fin” on the trunk lid and a “Ram Air” sticker on the driver’s side There was no description available for the driver.

Reed City teen going to jail on armed robbery charges

A Reed City teen is going to jail for the next 5-15 years for his involvement with an armed robbery of a home in Osceola County. 17-year old Paul Michael Williams pleaded guilty to armed robbery in Osceola County's 77th District Court as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. Williams and three other men were arrested in March for an armed robbery at a residence in Highland Township on Feb. 23.


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