Hoekstra clarifies comments about President Obama

U.S. Senate candidate, Republican Pete Hoekstra is defending his comments about the creation of a national office to vet political candidates. Hoekstra says he's not trying to re-ignite the "birther" controversy, but that he's trying to prevent future fires.

Actress "sorry" for taking Hoekstra commercial role

The actress featured in U.S. Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra's controversial campaign commercial that aired during the super bowl, is apologizing for taking the role. Lisa Chan portrayed the young woman speaking broken english and thanking Senator Debbie "spend-it-now" for voting for government spending and helping the Chinese economy. Chan has apologized on her Facebook page saying it was (quote) "absolutely a mistake" and she feels horrible about her participation. (MRN)

Pete Hoekstra catching some heat for his Super Bowl commercial

U-S senate candidate Pete Hoekstra is drawing some heat for his Super Bowl campaign ad. The ad featured an Asian woman speaking broken English and thanking senator Debbie "spend-it-now" and implying that Stabenow's reckless spending has benefited China. Stabenow is the democratic incumbent. There is concern that some Asian-Americans may be offended by the stereotype that is portrayed in the spot and Bob Kolt, who is an advertising instructor at Michigan State University, says he can see how some may find the ad insensitive. Kolt says he thinks Hoekstra is wasting a lot of money now.

Hoekstra to air commercial during Super Bowl

Former U.S. Representative Pete Hoekstra will air a campaign ad during the Super Bowl this Sunday. The Holland republican's decision to run an ad during the Super Bowl echoes the campaign of Governor Rick Snyder, who kicked off his gubernatorial bid with a Super Bowl ad two years ago. Gongwer News Service reports the 30 second spot will run statewide, but no other details were available. Hoekstra is seeking the republican nomination to challenge democratic U.S.Senator Debbie Stabenow. (MRN)

Hoekstra expresses his support of "Right to Work" for Michigan

Right to work legislation has been a hot issue at the State Capitol. Governor Rick Snyder has been hesitant to take up the issue and says its not on his 2012 agenda, but Republican candidate for US Senate Pete Hokestra believes right to work is good at the state level and could bring jobs to Michigan. Hokestra added that the state has done a good job so far in bringing back the economy under Governor Rick Snyder.

Mich. Dem party chair thinks Hoekstra should quit job at lobbying group

The head of Michigan’s Democratic Party says republican US Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra should quit his job with a lobbying group. A personal financial disclosure form filed by Hoekstra, which reflects financial records from 2010 and through September 30, 2011, shows he received approximately 240-thousand-dollars in salary from Dickstein ShapiroLLP Firm, a large US law firm and lobbying group based in Washington, D.C. Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer says it's a terrible conflict of interest and a disservice to the voters for him to work there.

U.S. Senate candidate Hoekstra responds

Vice President Joe Biden returned to Michigan Sunday to stump for democratic U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow. According to the Detroit News, during a fundraiser for Stabenow's re-election held at the Marriott Hotel in the Detroit Renaissance Center, Biden touted Stabenow as an incredible asset not just in Michigan, but to the working men and women in other states. The Vice President went on to say the U.S. needs Stabenow because republicans won't do anything different than what President George W. Bush did in office.

Romney & Hoekstra lead with GOP voters if elections held today

Fmr. Congressman Pete Hoekstra gives speech at Ferris State University

Poll shows Hoekstra with huge lead for Republican nomination in Senate bid


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