State Senate moving slow on motorcycle helmet repeal

A bill allowing motorcycle riders to cruise without a helmet if they're 21 or older will continue to sit on the back burner in the State Senate. After passing the State House in November, the measure was not included in the remaining weeks of session last year and has not seen a vote to concur the House changes yet this year. The House also added a provision requiring riders to carry an additional $20,000 in medical insurance. The Senate is waiting to see if an auto no-fault bill emerges from the House before taking the helmet repeal up again. (MRN) Image by (dan)

State House passes repeal of motorcycle helmet law

Motorcycle helmet use for adults would no longer be required in Michigan under legislation that saw final approval in the State House Wednesday with bipartisan support. Bikers have been lobbying for a repeal of the state's helmet law since 1976. Under the measure, only those 21 and older could ride without a helmet. The legislation would also require that motorcyclists carry $20,000 of personal medical insurance coverage. It would be the highest amount of medical insurance required in the country.

Coalition wants funding constitutionally guaranteed if personal property tax repealed

Governor Snyder willing to look at repeal of motorcycle helmet law

Governor Rick Snyder is willing to look at the idea of repealing Michigan’s mandatory motorcycle helmet use law, but he stops short of specifically saying he supports its repeal. Instead, the governor says he wants to look at it as part of a broader set of reforms involving auto insurance and it's "a dialogue that will take place over the summer time." Motorcyclists have been trying, without success, to repeal the helmet law since the 1970's. Many in the auto insurance industry have largely opposed repealing the law. (MRN)

Group trying to repeal emergency financial manager law to meet today

The push to repeal Michigan’s new law concerning emergency financial managers will be the focus of a meeting in Pontiac today. The group Michigan Forward is sponsoring the meeting at the Pontiac City Council chambers. The organization is going across the state holding a series of meetings in an attempt to gather signatures. They hope to put the issue before the voters in the state and have the law revoked. Pontiac is one of three cities in Michigan that is being run by an emergency financial manager. (MRN)

U.S. Senator Stabenow to introduce legislation that would repeal oil subsidies

Stabenow: 1099 repeal will benefit small businesses

Legislature approves repeal of item pricing law; now goes to Governor

The state legislature has given final approval to the a repeal of Michigan’s longstanding item pricing law, which requires retailers to put price tags on virtually all items. The bill now goes to the governor, who says he will sign it into law. Advocates claim it will save businesses $2 billion a year, although opponents question the accuracy of that number. Retailers say consumers will still be protected since stores will be implementing "high tech" ways of informing shoppers of the price on retail goods. (MRN)

Senate committee approves measure to repeal item pricing

State House approves measure to repeal item pricing law

The state House today approved a measure to repeal Michigan’s item pricing law. The law has for many years required retailers to place price tags on all items. Consumer groups have supported the law keeping the law, saying it helps people know how much they're paying for what they buy. Retailers say it’s a costly requirement that can be replaced with store scanners. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration. (MRN)


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