MEDC transition plans

In a strong showing of bipartisan cooperation, the current governor and the incoming governor staged a joint news conference Monday to announce they were sharing appointments to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Republican Governor-elect Rick Snyder and democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm each named 10 members of the 20-member MEDC Board, known as the Executive Committee. Doug Rothwell, a former CEO of the MEDC, will chair the panel. Snyder has tapped Michael Finney as the new CEO of the MEDC. Finney is currently president and CEO of Ann Arbor spark, a public-private partnership focused on economic development in the greater Ann Arbor region. Granholm says that while an aggressive economic development program has made great progress during her eight years in office, it's time to pass the torch. The two disagreed in an agreeable manner on the state of Michigan’s economy and whether it has bottomed out. Snyder's not sure, Granholm is. They also amicably disagreed on Snyder’s job strategy. He does not want to hunt for jobs in other states, preferring to garden and cultivate the jobs that are already here. Granholm thinks the state should do both. (MRN)

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