Governor Snyder delivers State budget

Governor Rick Snyder has unveiled a 48.2 billion dollar state budget proposal for next year.
The governor addressed a joint session of the house and senate budget committees at the capitol Thursday morning.
Snyder is calling for more spending in education, including both k-12 community colleges and universities. $200-million dollars would go to school districts that engage in best practices and increasing funding to higher education $36.2 million, with much of it tied to performance incentives. 
That's a 3 percent increase for community colleges and universities.
Democrats were quick to react to the proposal, saying the increase in education funding falls far short of restoring what has been cut in recent years.
Snyder says crime is a major problem in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac and Saginaw, so he's proposing nearly $50 million in increased public safety funding.
His proposal for transportation totals $3.3-billion dollars in the coming year and the year after, including $119-million dollars in one-time general fund appropriations in fiscal year 2013 to allow the legislature time to develop a long-term road funding solution. 
General funds have rarely been used in transportation spending in Michigan. Usually the money comes from the gas tax.
The $119 million investment of general fund revenues will ensure that Michigan can qualify for all federal highway and transit aid in fiscal year 2013. (MRN)

some other items in the governor's budget proposal include:

- $10 million more for contamination cleanup at leaking underground storage tank sites

- $725,000 for a new grant program and an expanded loan program for large sewer system improvement projects.

- $60 million for a new home heating assistance for the vulnerable program

- $14.1 million for the michoice home and community based waiver program

- $50 million for technology upgrades

- $3.6 million for arts and culture

- $25 million to expand the healthy kids dental program

- $34.1 million to expand medicaid and michild coverage to include treatment of autism spectrum disorders for children under 6 with $34.1 million in funding for the diagnosis and treatment of autism.

- increasing the rate paid to foster parents and adoptive parents by $3 per day for basic living expenses.

- $195 million for 'economic gardening" $25 million of that for film credits.

- $15 million for the Pure Michigan talent connect, designed to help the jobless find work

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