Meth dump site discovered in Osceola County

Deputies from Osceola County along with members of the Traverse Narcotics Team found a disposed One-Pot meth lab in Marion Township on Sunday. The Clan-Lab Responders of TNT observed chemicals, components, and apparatus commonly used for the One-Pot method of manufacturing methamphetamine. Those items were properly removed from the scene and disposed of. Further investigation regarding the possible suspects involved with this incident is ongoing. The Traverse Narcotics Team and the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office want to remind people that as weather conditions improve, more people may be entering the woods searching for mushrooms and cleaning roadsides, to use caution if they encounter a suspicious item. Do not touch the item or move it. Note the location of the item and contact local law enforcement. The manufacturing of methamphetamine is extremely dangerous. The components used to make methamphetamine are harmful and can produce deadly fumes. Leave it and report it.

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