Edmore man allegedly points gun at couple during road rage incident

A 46-year old Edmore man is behind bars in Montcalm County after a road rage incident Sunday. Deputies say the incident happened when a Stanton couple was travelling east on Stanton Road in Sidney Township and was being tailgated by another vehicle. The couple pulled over to allow the tailgater to pass however the driver of the second vehicle, later identified as a 46-year old Edmore man, stopped and exited his vehicle with a tire iron. The couple continued east bound towards Stanton. The Edmore man continued to follow, passed the Stanton couple, and then immediately pulled to the shoulder of the road. As the Stanton couple passed the parked Edmore man he pointed a long gun at them. The Edmore man was located in Stanton and a felony stop was executed. The man was taken into custody without incident. It was determined that the Edmore man possessed a pellet gun and was also illegally transporting marijuana. The suspect was lodged at the Montcalm County Jail on a charge of Felonious Assault and Violation of Controlled Substance. He will be arraigned on the charges later today. The Stanton man and woman were not injured in the incident. Anyone who may have witnessed the incident is asked to contact the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office at 989-831-7590.

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