Woman smuggles drugs in Wexford County Jail

A recent case in Northern Michigan shows those with drug addictions will go to great lengths to feed the habit. 33-year old Stacy Lynn Youngs was booked into the Wexford County Jail on a probation violation. Shortly after, another female inmate in her cell became gravely ill with what turned out to be a drug overdose. Sheriff deputies learned Youngs had smuggled an estimated 80 pills including clonazepam, a schedule 4 narcotic, through the jail's intake area. The drugs were allegedly shared with other inmates and ultimately discovered when the one inmate got sick. Youngs has now been charged with multiple counts of furnishing contraband to a prisoner, prisoner possession of contraband, delivering a controlled substance and second offense habitual offender. She's scheduled to be back in court on July 1. (MRN)

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