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Following a decision on Thursday, Michigan residents will have the option to vote by straight party ticket this election.


The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals denied a request to uphold the ban against straight party ticket voting, agreeing with a lower court that it is unconstitutional.


Mark Brewer represented the plaintiffs in the case.


We have one of the longest ballots in the country, we have some of the longest lines in the country and so that makes the ability to vote straight-party all the more important. And if it's taken away, the millions of voters who would otherwise use it are going to end up standing in line,” he says.


Opponents, mostly Republicans, say the practice is a tool of party politics because most who vote "straight ticket" are Democrats.


Attorney General Bill Schuette now has to decide whether to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.


The deadline to finalize ballots is less than a week away.



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