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Some highs and some lows as it pertains to drug and alcohol use among college students.


The national Monitoring the Future study released this morning by the University of Michigan shows more and more college students are smoking marijuana.


The report says 38-percent of college students have smoked weed.


Researchers say more students don't think of marijuana as dangerous and that should be a concern for

administrators, parents and students because frequent marijuana use can affect academic performance and college completion.


The report shows the use of heroin has been low among college students for many years and dropped again in 2015.


Cigarette smoking continues to decline gradually among college students, but alcohol is very popular among students.


The study shows nearly eight in ten students have drank alcohol in the past year.


While 40-percent of those students questioned said they binge drink, or have five or more drinks at one time, researchers say the greater concern is "extreme binge drinking," where students have ten to 15 drinks at one sitting which can lead to alcohol poisoning or serious accidents.


The study involves between 1,000 and 1,500 college students.



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