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Some new faces are now officially part of the Big Rapids Public School system.


The BRPS Board of Education approved seven new hires and/or promotions during Monday's meeting.


Superintendent Tim Haist says the new school year is looking good for both students and staff.


We've had a great summer of hires. I feel like we have a very strong team. We've been able to hire people with great experience, very dedicated to our students, and I'm looking forward to having them be a part of our team.”


And, he says, the seven people approved at the meeting were just a fraction of those added to BRPS.


Over the course of the summer we've hired over 20 people. We have a couple more para-pro positions that we are still working to fill but we're hopeful we'll have those filled by the end of the week.”


Those approved by the board on Monday include:


  • High School Guidance Counselor Heather Woodworth

  • High School Physical Education Teacher Josh Easler

  • Middle School Math Interventionist Brandon Bennett

  • Middle School Special Education Teacher Michelle Flachs

  • Elementary Music Teacher Jeanna Lamar

  • Elementary Specials Teacher Megan O'Hara

  • High School Assistant Principle Joshua Bull



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