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A video made by the Big Rapids Middle School has gone viral.


The video shows students on their first day of classes reciting the Pledge of Allegiance out in front of the school building.


Middle School Principle Mitch Cumings says the idea started out two years ago as a cool way to start the year.


It was a simple idea by Mark Brejcha, a former service member. (He) was in the United States Air Force, retired from the Air Force, now teaches sixth grade social studies.”


Cumings says Brejcha approached him about continuing the ceremony as a yearly tradition.


Let's start the new school year with a new flag. We'll go out, we'll play reveille which signifies the new day, really it's just a new start.”


Students are given the option to attend the ceremony or not and band Director Albie Todd plays reveille.


Cumings caught the moment on his smartphone and posted it to the Big Rapids Middle School Face Book page.


It was then picked up by Fox News under the headline, “Meet the public school that loves America.”


We didn't expect it to be a viral video. I think the reason it resonates so well with people, so deeply with people, is that it really is a true organic simple gesture of patriotism,” says Cumings.


The video has since gone on to get 10,000 shares and 1 million views. Cumings says the video can be seen at the Big Rapids Middle School Face Book page under videos, or by searching the Fox News web site.



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