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Plans are in the works to keep Paris Park in Mecosta County open for hunting season.


Park Commission Chair Marilynn Vargo says the commission has been thinking about it for a while.


I was told that many, many years ago we used to leave it open for hunters. Why they got away from it I'm not sure.”


Vargo speculates that the park commission got away from the practice because people were gutting their deer in the park and leaving a mess.


She says they will have to make sure things like that don't happen again and that Mecosta County Park Superintendent Jeff Abel is amenable to the idea.


The new superintendent is willing to open it up and find a way to make it work.”


Vargo adds that keeping Paris Park open for hunting season is a good idea and it won't affect the regular park closing schedule.


I think it would be an asset to the community and give people a place if they don't have a hunting cabin to go to or whatever.”


The commission hopes to have the details worked out as soon as next week.



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