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An initiative by the Big Rapids Public Safety Department to increase community involvement and trust is being postponed.


The BRPS sector policing initiative was scheduled to kick off this week, but Public Safety Director Jim Eddinger says that plan didn't work out.


Actually, it has not started this week. I'm short a whole bunch of folks. I got a message from the Sargent saying, 'Could you push this back to the middle of October?” And I said yes.”


The plan to have police officers and firefighters stop and homes and businesses throughout the city now has a tentative start date of October 10th.


Eddinger notes that the President's task force on 21st century policing emphasizes legitimacy and trust within the community.


I think here in this community we have a rather high level of legitimacy, it's the trust portion that I think we could add to,” he says.


Eddinger says when people interact with someone they know it creates a different paradigm and it's easier to communicate when you trust someone.


We've isolated ourselves from the community in these police cars. It's time to get out and get back in touch with them.”


Eddinger doesn't want people to be alarmed when they show up but they are just coming to have a conversation. He asks anyone with questions about the program to contact him at (231) 527-0005.



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