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Mecosta County's EMS workers will be getting a raise starting July 1st of next year.


The County Board of Commissioners approved a contract amendment at Thursday's meeting that changes the way EMS employees are compensated.


Controller/Administrator Paul Bullock says it will help with recruiting and retention.


The system that we're transitioning from was the old fire service type system and just about everyone in this area is getting away from that. They're going to more 24 hour pay and I think we're one of the last in the area to go to 24 hour pay.”


Bullock says the effective pay raise is well deserved although how it is going to be paid for isn't clear yet.


There will be some additional costs. However, our hope is that we can identify additional revenue streams to cover the majority of that.”


Bullock notes the county will also tap into a millage that is used to support EMS.



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