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Legislation governing medical marijuana facilities in Michigan is currently awaiting Governor Rick Snyder's signature.


Snyder is expected to sign the bills which would impose a new tax and establish a state licensing system to grow, process, sell, transport or test marijuana.


The Big Rapids City Commission is already looking at how Big Rapids might handle the possibility of marijuana dispensaries in the city.


I think we need to study that and get up to speed, ready to decide are we going to opt in or opt out,” says Mayor Mark Warba.


The Commission touched on the subject briefly at Monday's meeting where City Attorney Eric Williams quoted from the legislation noting the immediate concern Big Rapids would have under the new law.


A marijuana facility shall not operate in a municipality unless the municipality has adopted an ordinance that authorizes that type of facility.”


Williams recommends the Commission start looking at a number of issues that will be raised.


What's it look like for markets, what's it look like for what would happen in this kind of community. We'd probably want to have input from the university, the school districts, and plan for it rather than just not analyze it,” he says.


Mayor Warba agrees and wants to be ready if and when Governor Snyder signs the legislation into law.


I think it's better to be proactive and out ahead of it than reactive to something, and now's the time to do it as this legislation is going to get rolled out I think.”


Some people opposing the proposed law say it sets up a system that caters to big, out of state businesses over local distributors.



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