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In keeping with the times, the Mecosta County Park Commission wants to provide WIFI internet access for it's campers.


The Commission has been working with Michigan based Skyweb to erect a 60 foot tower in Brower Park that would provide WIFI to the entire park.


Commission Chair Marilynn Vargo says they've been working on it for a while.


Several months. We had applied for a special use permit, got that, but then these plans just seem to be a little onerous for what we really need.”


Vargo says everything is ready to go on the project, but red tape from Mecosta Township, where the tower would be located, is holding things up.


She says the Township's requirements for the 60 foot tower aren't reasonable.


We can't get them to budge to give us an exception of any kind. It's the same requirements that a 300 foot tower would need.”


Vargo notes that many campgrounds in Michigan now provide WIFI and their customers have come to expect it.


Campers want it. Campers want to have their tablets with them, their cell phones to use internet. It's the way of the world now, people need to have their machines with them.”



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