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The water crisis in Flint has brought the condition of water systems in America to the forefront.


Many communities are facing crumbling infrastructure issues and elected officials in Big Rapids are considering a city endorsed warranty program for residential sewer and water customers.


At a recent City Commission meeting, City Attorney Eric Williams noted that most homeowner insurance plans don't cover residential sewer and water lines.


At the city's request, Williams contacted a number of Michigan cities who are participating in a warranty program offered through the National League of Cities.


The results, frankly, were a little startling. The results were all positive and they were not just mildly positive,” he says.


The NLC has been in touch with city officials and is asking for a city endorsement for their program.


Mayor Mark Warba agrees that something should be done to address he issue.


We see and hear about frozen water pipes – that's not going to abate, I think, any time soon and maybe residents would appreciate knowing that at least there's some ability if they want to insure against it that they have some options.”


At the mayor's request, Williams will be looking into alternatives before the city officials consider endorsing the NLC program.


The NLC says their service line warranty program gives a warranty that will provides repairs for a monthly fee with no deductibles or service fees.


The work is performed by licensed, local plumbers who will call the customer within one hour of filing a claim and the repair is typically done within 24 hours.



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