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A 36-year old Big Rapids man is behind bars in Isabella County after police say he tried to rob a Starbucks inside a Target store in Mt. Pleasant Thursday.  


Sheriff Michael Main says the Big Rapids man allegedly told a clerk at the Starbucks counter (after he was asked what he wanted to order), that he wanted all the money in the register and then laughed at her.


The suspect then paid for a cup of coffee but before leaving the counter he told the clerk that he had a gun, but it was not a very big one.


The 36-year old suspect then walked away into the store.  


Several law enforcement officers converged onto the scene for perimeter security and made contact without incident with the suspect.


The Sheriff says interviewing the suspect, he was placed into custody for attempted armed robbery. No weapon was found on the suspect.


The Sheriffs Office will forward a report to the prosecutor’s office for review.

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