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Baring any last minute contract problems, Big Rapids has a new City Manager. The City Commission extended an offer for the position to current Assistant City Manager Mark Gifford at Monday's meeting.


I'm very appreciative of the Commission's comments and their support and I'm hopeful but, of course, a little bit of unknown is out there but I'm excited about it,” says Gifford.


The Commission spent about a half hour discussing terms of the contract which haven't yet been worked out. Those will be hammered out between Gifford and the current City Manager, Steve Sobers, over the next two weeks. Gifford says he fully expects to formally accept the offer at the Commission's next meeting on December 19th.


He did have one thing to tell the citizens of Big Rapids however.


Thank you! I've had just great support in this community, it's my home town, I have many, many family and friends here and I'm just very thankful for this opportunity.”


City officials began searching for a new City Manager in September after Sobers announced his retirement.



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