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Mecosta County gets $40K for 'remonumenting' effort


Mecosta County is receiving just over $40,000 to make sure that its boundaries are accurate. The grant from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs will ensure that the county is in compliance with the State Survey and Remonumentation Act. County Administrator Paul Bullock explains that some time in the past all section corners in Mecosta County had been “monumented” or marked so surveyors could find them. However...


Many times those were a nail in a white pine tree or they would mark these in various ways,” he says.


The remonumentation program is meant to re-document exactly where the county's section corners, half corners, and quarter corners so that surveyors will have a readily available baseline for their work. Current surveying monuments will be preserved but will also have a concrete monument with an identifying cap put in place. Many of the original monuments were set sometime during the 1800s.



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