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POTUS stance on Obamacare causing anxiety politically and economically


New research shows if there is a swift repeal of Obamacare, the nation would lose 1.2 million jobs and every state would be affected. Josh Bivens with the Economic Policy Institute says immediate repeal would have impacts beyond the loss of coverage for nearly 30 million Americans.


It also has this terrible side-effect as well, though, it's going to slow down the economy and slow job growth and make full recovery for this economy even further off."


President Trump seems ready to step back from immediate an repeal. During a pre-Super Bowl interview, Trump said a new plan might not be ready until 2018.

Meanwhile, Michigan lawmakers are concerned about the possible loss of insurance for 600,000 newly insured citizens. Uncertain as to what the Trump administration will do about Obamacare, Republican Senator Jim Marleau says...


Believe me, I've got anxiety – my stomach is like this. But I'm very confident that we're going to take care of this. We have a great team here in the state of Michigan and we're relying on our partners in Washington right now.”


When asked if Mr. Trump will or won't pull the rug out from under Obamacare, he says...


I don't know.”


Governor Snyder says it could be two to three years before there are any changes to the program.



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