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Part of the repackaging of the Affordable Care Act is underway. Lawmakers like Congresswoman Debbie Dingell are getting their first look at the bill, and she doesn't like what she's seeing.

“Seniors are going to pay an age tax and the life of the Medicare trust fund is going to be shortened. It appears that older Americans are going to be forced to pay premiums five times higher than what other people are paying. We need to make sure that seniors even have access to affordable quality healthcare,” she says.


Dingell says she is praying that there are republicans who won't find the new plan acceptable.


West Michigan Republican Congressman Justin Amash says, "[The] new plan does not repeal/replace; it repackages Obamacare. It's a political plan that signals retreat, and will not reduce health care costs."


Congressman John Moolenaar says he supports efforts to repeal the ACA and is reviewing the new plan.



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