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The City of Big Rapids has a new Receation Coordinator. The city's Park and Recreation Board welcomed Bryn Chesebro at Thursday's meeting.


I am doing just the recreation side of parks and rec. The Program Coordinator, so coordinating youth programs, adult programs, any kind of coordinating special event type of thing in the city is now my responsibility.”


Chesbro is not a Big Rapids native, but is familiar with the city having grown up in Morley where she attended Morley-Stanwood schools. She then went on to get her Bachelor's degree in Recreation in Event Management from Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant.


After graduating from CMU, Chesbro moved to Clearwater, Florida, where she spent a year as a youth sports coordinator, but decided it was too far from home. She moved back to Michigan and spent last season working for the Detroit Tigers and finally moved to Big Rapids when the position of the city's Recreation Coordinator became available.


Parks and Recreation Director Heather Bowman says that although Chesbro has only been with the city for a few weeks, she isn't wasting time.


She's wearing multiple hats and doing a great job – running full tilt.”


Bowman notes that Chesbro is already devoting a lot of time to the city's Spring Program, Girls on the Run, and is assuming the role of Farmer's Market Master, a position she had experience with in Mt. Pleasant.



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