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The village of Kingsley in Northern Michigan is one step closer to getting a medical marijuana factory. During this week's public meeting the company that wants to build the facility received a big show of support.


The Canadian companyTheraCann says the factory will create more than 100 jobs. The Downtown Development Authority analyzed the project based on the impact it would have to their economy and says the benefits outweigh the controversy. The village council will now make the final decision.


Meanwhile, Americans for Safe Access says Michigan has one of the best-run medical cannabis programs in the country. AFSA, whose mission is to ensure safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research, says our state earned a "B-plus" – the third-best program in the U.S., in terms of making it hassle-free for medical marijuana patients. Spokesperson Steph Sherer says people who use pot-for-pain deserve access to care, just like other people seeking medical treatment...


How easy is it for them to navigate that system – to go from their doctor recommending cannabis to them actually receiving the medication they need. [And] product safety protocols to make sure that the medicine that patients are getting are free of contaminates, pesticide, etc.”


Sherer hopes Michigan lawmakers can fast-track implementation its new regulated dispensary system.



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