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Big Rapids Public Schools is launching a new web site. Accounts Coordinator and Marketing Director Jennifer Prince, who has headed up the initiative for a new web site, says it's big improvement over the old web site.


Our goal is for it to be user friendly where parents and students and faculty and staff can visit our page for more resources than maybe what they've had in the past.”


Each school now has its own home page with news, Face Book feeds, upcoming events, and calendars. A new feature is a feed from the Michigan High School Athletic Association that is updated hourly. Prince says users can now isolate information from each school individually making it easier for parents and students who are looking for information on their particular school.


Superintendent Tim Haist notes improvements for mobile users as well.


I think the format on the mobile is much better, much easier to navigate than it was before,” he says.


Prince agrees and adds there are more users with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, coming to the site.


More often, our site is visited mobiley – I think it's like an 80/20 split.”


You can visit the new site at



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