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As President Trump makes a last push to get his healthcare proposal across the finish line in the U.S. House, policy experts in Michigan are raising red flags. Gilda Jacobs, who heads the Michigan League for Public Policy, says the Republican healthcare proposal shifts the cost burden back to the state.


"Once you create a financial strain on our state budget, we're going to end up reducing the number of people that are covered by Medicaid, or cutting other vital state programs – so that includes education, public safety, infrastructure."


More than 650,000 people are enrolled in the state's Healthy Michigan expanded Medicaid plan, with another 1.8 million receiving traditional Medicaid.


Jacobs notes that Michigan would be particularly hard hit, given the current legislature's resistance to any sort of tax increase. Meantime in Congress, the bill faces uncertain prospects for a vote on Thursday, as many conservative and even moderate Republicans have expressed reservations about it, and all Democrats are expected to vote no.



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