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Should pot be legalized for recreational use in Michigan? A national opponent to the idea is visiting Michigan to make his case against it. Kevin Sabet of the group Smart Approaches to Marijauna says lobbyists are setting up shop in Lansing to pave the way for what has become a lucrative industry.

“It's about money, it's not about anything else and so folks think it's a chance for them to get rich and we're bring folks together today to say maybe let's think this thing through a little bit more. Really pause before we make this mistake.”


This in light of reports from the Drug Enforcement Administration that they are giving approval to pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics to produce synthetic marijuana. Insys is on record as having donated $500,000 to anti-marijuana campaigns.


A recent EPIC-MRA poll conducted in January and February of 2017 shows 57 percent of the Michigan residents polled say they would definitely vote yes, probably vote yes, or are leaning toward voting yes on a ballot question about legalizing marijuana.



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