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While privacy advocates say overturning FCC rules on Internet privacy will put all consumers’ personal information at risk, it raises added concerns for the immigrant community. Current rules require Internet Service Providers to get permission before sharing “sensitive” information, like Social Security numbers or health records.


Alex Nogales, president and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, points out that without those rules, ISPs will be allowed to sell customer information, including immigration status, to anyone. Nogales notes that regulations do serve a purpose.


"They keep everybody safe, they keep everybody in check. Now, we're losing the rules and regulations that the FCC has put down, so that business can make more money,” he says.


ISPs lobbied heavily against the rules and in favor of overturning them. Under the new Congressional Review Act, the FCC will also be prohibited from adopting similar rules protecting privacy in the future.


Opponents of the new rule say they will buy the internet data of Congressional members and display it online. President Trump is expected to sign the bill.



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