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Professional fundraisers kept over 60% of Michigan charitable donations in 2016


Fund raising is big business and Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette says less than half of the funds raised by professionals in Michigan go to the charities they're meant for.


Schuette's annual Professional Fundraising Charitable Solicitation Report says that in 2016, 61 percent of funds raised by professional fundraisers in Michigan went to the fundraisers themselves.


While hiring professional fundraisers and fundraising counsel may benefit certain charities, some professional fundraisers leave little of the donations for the intended charity, with some telemarketers pocketing 85 to 90 percent of the donated funds.


Schuette notes most fundraising is done over the phone and residents should ask if the caller works directly for the charity or is a professional fundraiser, ask how much of the donation actually goes to the charity, don’t feel pressured to make an immediate donation, and remember you can always hang up.




Local High School Schedule & Scores

Week of 1/30/23:

Big Rapids:

Tuesday 1/31:

   - Girls Bball v Cadillac - 7:00pm W 55-42

   - Boys BBall @ Cedar Springs - 7:00pm W 38-32

Wednesday 2/1:

   - Boys Wrestling v Central Montcalm - 5:00pm

Friday 2/3:

   - Girls Bball v Morely Stanwood - 6:00pm 

   - Boys Bball v Morely Stanwood - 7:30pm

   - Boys Hockey @ Petosky - 6:00pm

Saturday 2/4:

    - Boys Hockey v Mattawan - 1:30pm

    - Boys Wrestling @ Grant - TBD CSAA Tourney

Reed City: 

Tuesday 1/31:

   - Girls Bball v Manistee - 7:00pm  W 59-44

   - Boys Bball @ Manistee: W 47-42

Wednesday 2/1:

   - Boys Wrestling @ 131 Showdown - 5:30pm

Friday 1/27:

   - Girls BBall @ Howard City - 6:00pm

   - Boys BBall @ Howard City - 7:30pm


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