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The Big Rapids Salvation Army will be hosting an event Saturday that allows area residents to get rid of their unusable, unwanted electronics. 


Area residents are invited to bring their outdated and/or broken electronics to 218 N. Michigan Ave., in front of Big Rapids City Hall and the Salvation Army Family Store, for recycling.


Most items are free to recycle, but a few have a fee, which will be due at the time of disposal.


Items free to recycle include:

Computers: desktops, laptops, servers, towers, main frames, blades, telecom racks;

All circuit boards;

Cell phones, smart phones, PDAs (iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Palm Pilot);

Networking equipment: routers, hubs, switches, modems;

Hard drive/internal and external disk drives;

RAM, memory, IC chips, processors;

Power supply, UPS;

Power cords, cables, wires;

Heat sinks, AC adapters, VGA connectors, plastic computer fans;

Printers, scanners, faxes, copiers;

Tablets (iPad, Kindle, Fire);

Keyboards, mice, docking stations;

Audio/visual equipment: DVD, VCR and/or CD players, stereos, receivers, radio, speakers;

Consumer electronics: kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, power tools, clocks

Gaming systems, GPS units, memory sticks;

Telephones, answering machines; and

Rechargeable batteries (terminals must be taped).


For a small fee, the following also can be recycled:

All TVs /screens, for $0.35 per pound;

All regular batteries, for $0.60 per pound;

Lithium batteries, for $3.60 per pound; and

Over sized TVs, for $0.45 per pound

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