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The Montcalm County Sheriff's Office says an independent investigation ruled a female inmate who died in its jail in December of 2018, passed away from natural causes.


The ruling comes after a two month investigation by the Michigan Sheriff’s Association MISSION team. 


The inmate, 34-year old Amber Lynae Bills, of Big Rapids, had passed away while in custody on December 30, 2018.


The result showed that no jail policies were violated and no criminal acts were committed.


Bills had been booked into the jail on December 22, 2018 on a driving while suspended charge with a $500 cash or surety bond. She also had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court with an additional $500 cash or surety bond. Bills experienced stomach pain several days after arriving at the jail. The nurse examined her on multiple occasions.


Bills informed the nurse she had used methamphetamine and was withdrawing from the drug. Jail staff promptly moved Bills to a cell with direct observation. The nurse placed her on Librium protocol when she discovered her condition. Bills remained in the jail’s direct observation cell from December 28 until December 30.


In the afternoon of December 30, Bills presented in a manner consistent with her previous condition and was given the prescribed Librium. Soon after officers removed Bills from her cell in an unresponsive state. Bills did not regain consciousness following the application of CPR and life saving measures.


A subsequent autopsy ruled Bills died of natural causes.

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