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With a strategic investment of $100,000 the Mecosta County Convention and Visitors Bureau is the first sponsor of Michigan's Dragon Trail that extends through Mecosta and Newaygo Counties.


We see the Dragon Trail project as a key investment that will bring even more Pure Michigan magic to Mecosta County,” stated Connie Koepke, Executive Director of the Mecosta County C.V.B. “The Dragon Trail will add world-class mountain biking and hiking along winter activities such as fat bikes and dog sledding, not to mention dozens of related events in our already compelling story for attracting visitors. Plus, Mecosta County offers hundreds of quality hotel rooms, great hospitality and entertainment venues designed to attract outdoor enthusiasts from around the country and around the world.”


Scott Faulkner, Fundraising Coordinator for the Dragon Trail Project, also commented, “The Mecosta County C.V.B. is making a very important, early investment in this incredible train resource, which will lead to new levels of economic development in the region. Based on our research with Michigan State University, Mecosta County and Big Rapids are very likely to see a sustainable surge in economic activity for many years to come.”


Its estimated when the Dragon Trail is completed in 2021, it will generate over 104,000 visitors to the area, more than 70 new jobs and $4.15 million dollars in economic activity to the areas.

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