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WAM 300 riders will travel across Michigan during the three-day WAM 300 tour, which covers 300 miles of Michigan countryside.


On July 25, riders will be transported by bus from the EATON Proving Grounds in Marshall, Mich. to Traverse City. 


Bicyclists will be at Ferris State University on Friday, July 26, as they conclude their first day of 100+ miles biking from Traverse City. Riders will start coming in between 2 – 5 p.m.


WAM 300 concludes with a finish-line celebration at EATON Proving Grounds on July 28. 


The tour coincides with the WAM 100, a new one-day, 100-mile, as well as the WAM 50, a one-day, 50-mile ride that start and finish  at EATON Proving Grounds on July 28. Between these two routes, more than 200 riders are expected to participate.



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