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The following incidents took place on Janurary 7th and 8th: 


Janurary 7th: 


Warrant arrest at State/Oak of a male. Child Neglect Warrant; lodged.


Fraud/suspicious fake $50 bill passed at Taco Bell. Under investigation.


Traffic Stop State Perry resulted in a male being cited for No Insurance.  Impounded by Big Rapids Tow.  


Janurary 8th: 


W Bridge- domestic reported.  Male and female.  To be reviewed by city attorney.


Maple St- arrest warrant.  Arrested a male on child support warrant out of Montcalm County


N State- Mental/Assist to County.  Female showed up at this residence not knowing her name, address or any other information.  Mom, was contacted.  They were transported to ER.


Loudon St-Check Well being,  Male was extremely intoxicated and saying how he was going to drink himself to death.  EMS transported to ER.


Milton Ave- Dispatched for a suicidal female.  Ex-boyfriend called saying the female took a bunch of pills.  We were greeted by the bf who said the females ex, was harassing them.  Female was fine just intox.

Alarm at Applebees no key holder responded. building secured.




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