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Big Rapids Detective Brian Miller has thrown his name into the race to be the next Mecosta County Sheriff.


Current Sheriff Todd Purcell decided not to run for re-election in 2020.


Miller who has been in the living in Mecosta County and working in law enforcement since 1996 says he believes it's the right time for this challenge.


If given the opportunity, I intend to surround myself with exceptional people who take pride in their work and with that the great foundation that is already there I think that we can provide a service to the citizens of Mecosta County that will make them feel secure with us with their property in their own well-being.“ Miller said.


I truly believe that I can make a difference. This area is a place that I want to raise my kids. I’d like to raise my children in the safest community I can, not only for them but for the many other families in this community.” Miller added.


If elected, Miller also wants to expand on making communication better between law enforcement and the public.


That’s something I’ve always taken lot of pride in, is being having an open line of communication with the general public and law enforcement agency’s in the outlying area.”


I think the better you’re able to communicate with those that you’re serving, the better everyone is for that. There’s more respect back and forth and I think that it’s important so I intend on being involved.” Miller said.


Also running for Sheriff is Deputy Jared Christensen.


The filing deadline for candidates is April 21st.

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