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20-240-Hit and run from the alley to the north of FD.  BOL Red 4dr Escape with drivers side front end damage.  




40-246 - CWB/PV - Check well being on 26 year old female due to her calling in sick and screaming at them over the phone.  She is on probation for OWI and was highly intox upon arrival.  She was lodged for PV. 


40-247 - Disorderly - Assault in the 600 block of S Third.  Initial contact showed no injuries and both parties were separated.  A few minutes later, a 51 year old male, the suspect, assaults the 36 year old male again.  The 51 year old was located and lodged for assault and a warrant.   


20-248 @ 7:37PM Parkview-A 56 year old male was arrested for assaulting a 19 year old male.


20-249 @ 6:18pm 1800 block of Milton.  Harassment between e boyfriend and girlfriend.


20-250 @ 7:09pm MDOP to sculpture along Riverwalk in the 500 block of N Warren.


20-251 @ 7:09pm  MIP/Furnishing in the 100 block of S Michigan.  




20-252 – 100 block of Woodward Ave.  Civil.  During the course the male half was found to have a child support warrant.  The 34 year old male was arrested.


20-254 @ 6:28pm 1300 block of Catherine for a civil dispute.


20-255 @ 12:10am Traffic Stop 600 blk of N State.  Located vehicle parked in the 600 block of N State.  Six Traverse City High School kids went for a drive and chose to turn around in Big Rapids.