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The following incidents are being reported by the Big Rapids Department of Public safety between Feb. 20th-23rd. 



0-269 @ 1:27pm A female was reported missing by her boyfriend.  The female was found to be safe with another male friend out of the area in no harm.  Report will be noted as a suspicious.


20-271 @ 5:36pm An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with a stolen dealership license plate. After speaking with the driver, a 23 year old male, it was also found that he was operating with no insurance and the vehicle was unregistered.  He was later released from the scene and charges will be requested. The vehicle was impounded with a hold placed for valid insurance and proper registration.


20-272 @ 5:17pm An officer was advised that a female and her dog were attacked by another dog while on a walk on N Warren near Spruce. Contact was made with the other dog owner.  The report will be forwarded to animal control for further.


20-273 @ 6:40pm CMH had a pick up order for a female. She was located in the 1200 block of Colburn and went into seizure when she saw officers. She was transported to ER by EMS due to possible medical condition.  ER was informed of mental order.




20-274 - SUSPICIOUS-A 38 year old female called dispatch that she was kidnapped by a 54 year old male, and then she said she was not. Mental order on LEIN.


20-275 - Warrant arrest of the 54 year old male from above on an outstanding FOC warrant.


20-276 - Runaway-A 14 year old female left home to go to friends house. She was located and returned. 


20-277 @ 10:23pm Suspicious in the 1300 block of Maple. Caller advised she had found footprints in her yard on Tuesday. Prints came off of Maple and went around back of her house near a fence. Nothing appeared tampered with, and prints did not lead up the her house.


20-278 @ 10:33PM Assist with traffic stop / transport Finley/Madison.


20-279 @ 11:38PM Possible PPO violation in the 800 block of Country Way.  Caller called advising her husband, who is out on bond for domestic last week had tried contacting her through her mother and mother in law. Both were interviewed and advised he had contacted them, but did not request they contact her on his behalf. 


20-280 @ 5:31am 100 block of Division, check well being of a male.  Friend called advising he may be suicidal.  Male was located and was not suicidal, and advised there had been a miscommunication over text messages.  He was left at home with roommates.


20-281 @ 12:53am 500 block of Clark.  A male was transported to ER for a voluntary evaluation due to anxiety issues.




20-282 – White Pine Trail for subject passed out.  A 28 year old male was found urinating in public and initially refused EMS.


20-283 – Civil in the 1100 block of Catherine.  A male called about a verbal argument with a second male.


20-284 @ 8:18pm UDAA/Civil-A male wanted to report his vehicle stolen after a disagreement with his cousin, on who was going to pay for the damages done to his vehicle.  


20-285 @ 9:41pm Citizen assist in the 600 block of Maple.


20-286 @ 10:47pm Civil/MDOP in the 100 block of S Michigan Ave  Business is reporting one of their computer screens were broke by a patron.  A patrol accidentally knocked the screen off the back bar.  No intent to damage the equipment.


20-287 @ 12:41am 100 block of S Michigan for MIP and Furnishing Alcohol  


20-288 @ 1:29am 300 block of S Michigan Ave.  A 21 year old male was lodged for domestic violence and assault after he assaulted his girlfriend and her brother.  


20-289 @ 1:31am 300 block of Morrison Ave.  A female tenant was issued a written noise warning.  She is also probation.  Report will be sent to district court probation.


20-290 @ 2:45am OWI State & Perry.  A 22 year old male was arrested for OWI.  




Civil Dispute in the 300 block of Morrison.


20-293 & 294 @ 10:46pm 1100 block of Fuller for a domestic assault.  Dispatched for a 911 hang up.  A female and male were found to be arguing.  Further investigation led to the male half slapping their son on the cheek.  He was lodged for Child Abuse, Domestic, and interfere with 911 call.