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Monday 5/4 …
Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex regarding a disorderly person complaint from
management. The responding Officer issued an appearance citation for disorderly conduct along with no
trespass orders to the 38-year-old male. The man then packed his belongings and left.

Tuesday 5/5 …
A 23-year-old female called the RCPD stating she was aware there was a warrant for her arrest and she
wanted to turn herself in. She was transported to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department and lodged
without incident.

Wednesday 5/6 …
Officers received a phone call from a Michigan Works employee stating that during a phone conversation
with a client, a threat was made towards the Governor and it was protocol that it be reported. Officers spoke
to the 32-year-old male who made the phone call. The individual apologized and explained that he was
frustrated and upset regarding the delays in his unemployment and he had no real intention of harming the
Governor. He also stated he called Michigan Works back and apologized to the employee regarding his
behavior and statement. The matter has been turned over to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for review.

Officers were dispatched to a suspicious situation regarding two unknow men seen walking around
inspecting a neighbor’s house. The matter was unfounded, the men were there to do drywall work.

The Reed City Police Dept. received a suspicious phone call, in which the caller stated that they would rather
be dead then a slave, before hanging up without identify themselves. The Officer’s investigation led them to
a 39-year-old male, who was found to be safe, but believed to be in need of some mental health treatment.
The Officers left the man in the care of his parents.

Officers were dispatched to a suspicious situation regarding the mental state of a neighbor. The responding
Officer spoke with the neighbor in question, although the man was upset, the Officer was there to check on
him, he was found not to be a threat to himself or others.

Thursday 5/7…
Officers were dispatched to possible damage of a vehicle at an apartment complex. Upon investigation no
damage was found however officers did speak to the mothers of the juveniles and requested they speak with
them about riding scooters near the parked cars.

Saturday 5/9 …
Officers were dispatched to do an area check regarding a suspicious situation. The caller stated she could
hear something outside scratching at the screen door. The responding Officer found no one around the area,
nor any evidence anyone had been messing with the door. Matter unfound, Officer cleared.

Officers received information regarding the sending of nude photographs from an out of state juvenile to a
local juvenile via the internet. The matter is under investigation.


Officers received a complaint regarding trash found strewn around the complainant’s property. It was also
reported that someone had been inside the vehicles parked on the property. Nothing appeared to be damaged
or missing, the matter is under investigation.

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