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Sunday 5/17 …
While on patrol an officer observed a suspicious situation regarding movement in a vehicle parked on the
street. Due to the hour of night and recent reports of small items being taken from unlocked cars, the Officer
investigated and found the registered owner was in the vehicle. 

While performing a traffic stop for disregarding a stop sign, the Officer found the 18-year-old male driver to
be operating under the influence of drugs. He was issued a citation for disregarding the stop sign, no proof
of insurance, along with the misdemeanor charges of the OUID, no operator’s license, and possession of
Marijuana and LSD. The individual was transported and lodged in the Osceola County Jail and his vehicle

Monday 5/18 …
Officers received a harassment complaint and advised the individual to block the messages. The Officer also
made contact with the father of the other party involved and issued a warning to stop the harassing messages.

Tuesday 5/19 …
Officers received a complaint of harassment via text message. The matter was unfounded.

Officers received a complaint regarding a suspicious situation. The male had reportedly been overheard
saying he would “beat him for every dollar”. It was determined that man had been fired from his construction
job and had to call for a ride home to another part of the state. The man was issued a warning regarding the
noise and it was determined he had no intent to harm the supervisor and was only speaking out of anger.

Wednesday 5/20 …
Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex regarding a woman yelling. The apartment complex was
checked, no one was found to be yelling inside or outside. The matter was unfounded.

Officers received a complaint regarding someone entering an unlocked vehicle at night and taking items
from inside. The matter is under investigation.

Reed City Police Officers were requested to assist Osceola County Probation Officer while meeting up at the
residence of a probationer, who stated he was having a issues with his new medication. The PO explained
that the individual would be able to go to the hospital if needed and any issues due to his tether.

Officers continue to issue abatement paperwork to those in violation of the city ordinances regarding tall
grass, trash and abandoned or inoperable vehicles.

Officers were requested to assist a woman in a wheel chair that was stuck in the sand. The Officer retrieved
a set of crutches for the woman to stand with, as he removed the wheel chair from the sand.
Officers were requested to assist CPS regarding a child neglect situation.

Thursday 5/21 …

Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex to assist CPS with a scheduled home visit. CPS reported
no one was answering the door, but they could hear children inside. The matter was resolved upon the
Officers arrival, and assistance was no longer needed.

Officers received a complaint regarding a neighbor’s tree branches falling and causing damage to the
complainant’s rain gutters and fence. The responding Officer made contact with the owner of the tree and
explained his responsibilities regarding the branches.

Officers took a civil complaint regarding a shared driveway.

While on patrol in the evening, three males were found at Lake Osceola State Bank parking lot. The males
were ID'd for possible curfew violation and were found to be old enough to be out at that time. The Officers
informed them of the curfew time for the 16-year-old. All three were polite and cooperative and stated they
would be gone by that time.

Friday 5/22 …
Officers observed a 20-year-old male who had a warrant out of Big Rapids. Due to the virus he was advised
to take care of the matter instead of going to jail.

Officers responded to a property damage accident regarding a vehicle hitting a building. The woman stated
she hit her head and it was sore. There was minor damage to the vehicle and building.

Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex regarding a trespass violation. The matter has been turned
over to the Prosecuting attorneys Office for review.

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