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20-665  @9:50am PERE MARQUETT / STATE,  MDOP/TURFING-A 22 year old male was cited and released.


20-666  @10:42am  LARCENY in the 600 block of LINDEN ST. 


20-667  @2.59pm  DOG AT LARGE HEMLOCK PARK.  Complainant that another person was not in control of her two pit bulls as they jumped out of her vehicle and attacked their Scottish Terrier.


20-668  @4:46pm  Civil in the 700 block of Water Tower.  


20-669 @10:45pm Traffic stop State/Pine led to arrest of a 28 year old female for OUID.


20-670 @1:29am Assist in the 700 block of Fuller.




20-671  @12:58pm  THREATS in the 1300 block of CATHERINE. 


20-672  @3:13pm  CIVIL in Hemlock Park.  Female riding a motorcyles with boyfriend and another couple males. They were resting when she decided to break up with boyfriend.  They made it down the road before pulling over in the 700 block of S State, where she got off, calling her mom in Muskegon, asking her to come get her.




20-673-Unlawful entry in the 300 block of Escott.  Threw trash everywhere.  No actual damage.  


20-674-MDOP in the 1300 block of Catherine.  


20-675-Hit and run PI at State and Perry.  Found suspect picking up food in the 700 block of Perry.  86 year old Stanwood man said he stopped down the street after the motorcycle hit him but then he left to pick up his food.  Minor injuries for motorcyclist and passenger.  Report will be forwarded through on 86 year old for failing to stop at a PI.  


20-676 – Check well being at Parkview Village Apt A; a check was conducted on female because she had not returned home in a while after going for a walk at 4pm.  She returned home and was fine at approximately 3am.


20-677 – Suspicious in the 500 block of S. Michigan. Caller reported males arguing and possibly fighting.  Located two male, who both denied fighting. 




20-679 – Mental in the 600 block of Adams St.  Female stated someone was pumping gas into her apartment. Unfounded and female stated that she didn’t know what officers were talking about.


20-680 – Area Check @ Hemlock for a orange kayak floating down the river upside down without anyone around. River was searched with multiple agencies and the kayak was found. Later the two kayakers called dispatch advising they were okay. There is still one missing red kayak, approximately 8 -10 ft in length.


20-681 – Civil in the 300 block of N State. 

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