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Earlier this week, Big Rapids Public Schools announced grades 6th-12th would start virtual learning for the next two weeks due to positive COVID-19 cases, now a Reed City school says it's temporarily  closing due to a positive case of coronavirus.


G.T. Norman Elementary School will be closed until Nov. 4, after an employee with Reed City Area Public Schools was confirmed positive for COVID-19.


In a letter to Reed City families, Superintendent Michael Sweet said the decision was made to close the school due to the amount of close contacts involved at the elementary school.


Students will shift to remote learning until in person classes start back up Wednesday, November 4th which will be a half day.


Currently, the school district is working with the Central Michigan District Health Department to contact trace, and has already identified 14 staff members — including teachers, principals, secretaries and paraprofessionals — and students.


To read the RCPS letter sent to parents CLICK HERE

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